Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Windermere, FL

Windermere Cabinet Painting

It's amazing that builders are still using the same old stain style cabinets in a new home. These homeowners just paid $900,000 + for a home in Windermere, FL.

The builders didn't use cheap kitchen cabinets. They were beautifully made, and had a modern style. But, the finish was outdated by 20 years.

These homeowners knew the cost of a builder's upgrade, which is the most profitable service for a builder... They offered an upgrade only at premium prices. Instead of being charged extra from the builders, they called Repaint Florida LLC to professionally paint the new cabinets a beautiful white finish.

Because they had the professionals at Repaint Florida, LLC paint their cabinets, they saved thousands of dollars, and they now have their dream kitchen

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Windermere, FL

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