Commercial Painting – Tips On Creating & Maintaining A Great Business Image

Commercial painting

Whether you realize it or not, you have a brand and that brand has an image. A large Italian restaurant, a small yoga studio or a mid-sized professional business office – all have a brand and image. The harder you focus on branding that image, the more customers will find out about your goods or services. And the best way to hone in on a good business image is to repaint when necessary.

Companies often focus their efforts on the wrong things. Obviously, the product or service you offer and your level of customer care is a top priority. However, taking care of details such as how your building looks on the outside and inside should not be overlooked.

The Look Of The Building's Exterior Affects Your Bottom Line

Who cares what the exterior of your building looks like, right? How does this impact what goes in inside the business? Unfortunately, an unappealing or run-down exterior can seriously harm your business bottom line. You are in business to make a profit, so something simple and affordable like exterior painting is worth the trouble.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Your exterior is what makes the first impression of every customer, client, and colleague. Even if you do a great deal of e-commerce, your website should have images of your workplace. If your potential clients are turned off by the appearance, you can be certain they are running to your competition. You could be losing countless clients without even realizing it.

Your customers may be the key to success but don't forget your employees. The morale of your staff is much higher when they work in an environment they can take pride in. That leads to better productivity which generates better customer relations and increased revenue.

It is also about acting as if. Look as though you are serious about your business so your customers, staff, and competition will treat you with the appropriate level of respect.

Commercial Interior Painting

The interior of a commercial business may need to be painted more often than the exterior. Just about any business will have more foot traffic and activity indoors where the walls and trim get scratched, scuffed, and stained. Freshening up the paint makes your products or furnishings stand out more. It also exudes a professional business image that is necessary to draw in and keep customers.

Trust us when we say that customers and clients can be really picky. If the paintwork doesn't look professional, they will notice the mistakes and flaws. By hiring a professional Orlando painting contractor like us for interior painting, even the most persnickety client will think your goods or services are far superior.

Use Quality Paint & Don't Do Short Cuts

If you hire a painting contractor or do the work yourself, make sure to use a good quality primer and paint. Never skip important steps like priming. The reason we say this is because painting is a lot of work. You don't want to repaint again anytime soon, so using quality paints now will ensure that the job lasts as long as possible.

Good paint also has more vibrant and longer lasting colors. Whether it's interior or exterior painting, the color can fade and look dull too quickly. Consider using a commercial high-performance coating for interior or exterior surfaces. You will be glad you did.

Any drywall damage or stucco damage should be repaired and smoothed prior to painting. Otherwise, the damage will make the finish look bumpy or dented. When repairs are done, use a quality tinted commercial primer to conceal the old color and any stains. The primer also helps the following paint coats to adhere well, so don't skip it!

Getting Expert Commercial Painting Help In Orlando

Smart local commercial business owners know that Repaint Florida is the name to trust in for superior workmanship and results. Our Orlando painting contractors take great pride helping our clients convey the brand image that they intend. Our service can help any commercial business reach new heights for success. Contact us today for your office or other commercial painting needs.

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