How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Office

Commercial painting

If the paint is chipping and peeling off the walls of your Kissimmee office, it's time to contact a painting contractor for office painting services. Your employees are likely tired of staring at dreary walls, and studies show that color has a significant impact on performance and concentration in the workplace. When choosing paint colors for your office walls, remember that the colors must coordinate with the existing furnishings, trim, and hardware to create a cohesive look.

Considerations Regarding Color

  • Color Psychology - Colors evoke attitudes and emotions in people who perceive them. Choosing appropriate colors is especially important in business because colors represent a company's values and brand.
  • Business Type - Businesses like law or accounting firms deal with more serious work, so neutral colors are appropriate. However, creative industries such as graphic design and marketing often have more relaxed workplace cultures, so they can have a painting contractor incorporate vibrant colors into the interior design of their offices.
  • Color Saturation - You have to choose not only an interior paint color but also the saturation of that color. The intensity of the color you choose is just as important as the color itself.
  • Available Space - Your painting contractor will probably recommend using lighter colors for small offices because dark colors tend to close up small spaces.

Paint Color Ideas for Your Office

  • Warm Cream - A soft beige is a simple neutral that doesn't create a distraction. It can be mixed effortlessly with peach, tan, or black furnishings and decor.
  • Forest Green - This shade of green is a rich hue with a level of subtlety that is enhanced by natural light, and it conjures a sense of harmony and peace.
  • Mellow Yellow - If your business works in a creative industry, a light yellow may be what your office needs. Yellow promotes the creation of new ideas, and it doesn't exude seriousness.
  • Espresso Brown - Just the thought of walls the color of coffee beans will spark ingenuity. Although a bold choice, espresso brown still functions as a neutral, and it pairs well with wood furnishings.
  • Sea Breeze - A mixture of blue and green, sea breeze satisfies a need for color without overwhelming the space. It is suitable for offices because the shade creates a relaxing atmosphere and aids in concentration.

Once you've chosen your new Kissimmee office paint color, the intensity of that color, and the placement of the color, reach out to professionals at Repaint Florida, a trusted painting contractor.

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